The Constitution of United Roommates

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Important, use the Free Roommate Constitution Document to Protect Yourself

This is serious. If your potential roommate has a problem with anything in this should Dump them NOW. Seriously. In order to live in harmony, you have take steps to protect yourself. If you take this document seriously it can save you a lot of problems later! Just read it and you'll know what I mean.

A Common Problem with Roommates..

You don't know if they are legit. Everyone talks all nice before they move in but, after a while, you find out who they really are. And BOY did you ever make a mistake! Everywhere there are people struggling to live in tiny spaces with roommates who make your life miserable.

You can predict any problems before they ever move in! Make them read this. Make them agree to uphold this Constitution of United Roommates. If they won't, cmon, don't be stupid! It's obvious at that point...

Feel free to copy, download, and distribute this really cool document. You are NOT, however, allowed to change any parts of it since it is self contained.

You can download it by clicking on the link below: