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A Challenging 2-Dimensional Puzzle

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The basic idea of this puzzle is that every line must be closed.
A closed line will have at least 2 dots. No lines can ever be crossed. Sounds easy? try it out!

You can print out this starter game sheet.

EASY Level:

Start with 3 lines in four groups.


Start with 4 lines in five groups.

HARD Level:

Start with 6 lines in seven groups.

What you'll need:
Game Definitions:

A curve is a path you've drawn.
A move means you've drawn 3 curves.
A line is a straight line in a group.
An open line has only one dot or no dots.
A closed line has 2 dots. (one dot on each end)
A third line always starts halfway along the length of your second line and cannot connect to itself.
A third line must always connect to an open line.

Game Rules
  1. Put a dot on the end of any line. Draw a curve connecting that dot to any other line in a different group. Put an "ending dot" on the end of the line you just connected to. This is your first line. (must be a seperate group!)
  2. Repeat step 1. This is your second line.
  3. Now put a dot halfway along your second curve and connect to any line in any group that does NOT already have a closed line. This is your third line. This move is done. This is the only step that seems complicated. It's really not.
  4. Repeat all steps until every line is closed.

You can NEVER cross any line.
Every line you make is like wall that you must go around (never through).

Once you understand the steps the game it's very easy to play but very hard to master! You like that, right?

Helpful Hints:

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