My Daily Rope - A Book I Wrote That Changed My Life

Stuck for 9 years in a loveless relationship.

I'd Given up on my ambitions. Followed a career path that wasn't my own. One night I simply packed the car with everything that would fit and drove away. Done.

After returning to my native California I went to work putting the pieces of my life back together. Without anyone to guide me I finally looked inward and found the answers inside of me.

Luckily I wrote everything down as it was happening. The result of which is "My Daily Rope".

Get Rid of Failure in Your Life Forever

At the lowest point of my life, this Amazing Little Guide Book helped pull me up out of the most challenging time I'd ever experienced. It might help you too.

It's amazing what a bit of tenacity, audacity, and ferocity can do when you've got nothing left but your instinct helping you survive.

For the 1st time ever, it's now available to everyone!